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Quotes A good day to all my beloved sisters and brothers. I'm happy like you, I am one of the luckiest persons of the world in the name of freedom...the truth will set you free eka nga. I can still remember my childhood days one of our brothers came into our house, that time I had terrible toothache in my front tooth sadly that was my first time that somebody would approach me and asked me if i want my front tooth be removed. Because of pain I said "yes" that time I just thought he was a dentist, at my early age 6 years old and that time I was only an ordinary member. I was amazed that he only used one candle and a short prayer then he called me and started pulling my tooth with his ballpen and his hand, and later I found my tooth was already gone without pain and blood. It was so amazing b'coz I never felt any of that terrible pain anymore. You know toothache how it feels. I say thank you to our brod. He helped me without asking anything in return. I hope one day we will meet again.. Quotes
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Quotes to all my brods and siss, thank you so much, that inspite of my loneliness being alone here in camp phoenix, kabul afghanistan, andito kayo lahat nakikita at nababasa ko, over joyed ika nga ang feeling ko ngayon... i missed so much the activities of our groups, 6yrs na akong hindi nakauwi at hindi naka feeling at nakasama ang mga grupo natin, lalo sa conferences, either local and national... i became a chapter president before in taiwan chapter, nong nasa taiwan pa ako, year 1996 - 1999... by MASTER's blessing sa march uwi ako for vacation at punta ako agad sa san jose, for the blessings... laki kung pasalamat at andito na pala tayo sa internet, dahandahan makilala na tayo sa buong mundo sa mga tao na naghanap ng tunay na daan... to everybody my best regards and wishes. MASTER bless us always Quotes
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Quotes I'd like to share this story of my father, when i was a child at 12, my father got sick... an illness that no one can tell if what kind of sickness even experts nor doktorwakwak. He already member of PBMA since 1983, but he not a full pledge missioner at that time... year 1995 he got sick and became paralyzed... more hospitals and quack doctors try their best but no one success... 1 day (i've witnessed a miracle happened) late in the evening we were preparing to go to sleep, my aunt ask for help bout her daughter that half dead (due to stress) and beg to my father mercy! my lola said " did you see that Toto Vergel ( my father) can't move why did you brought your daughter here?" my aunt still cry for help, we have witnessed with our eyes suddenly my father raised up his body to get his Divine Things upstairs and heal my cousin... we're so tongue tied on what we have seen. After his work/healing he laid again and he can't move his body again...Today He is a full pledge missioner... Quotes

Quotes well, lets just say I am a true believer of PBMA.. My religion is actually roman catholic.I have also been with some people with different religions and heard their lectures. But only PBMA can actually do the works of jesus..true members of PBMA is entrusted of GOD'S power to do good. Many people say that we are cult but i dont care.. as long as i know the truth. I found peace, happiness and love in this association. Everything that you need is here..and most importantly GOD is here.. well i was supposed to do a testimonial regarding our sobrang dami kasi gusto ko ilagay lahat..I became a missioner since 2004 and my faith to our divine master is growing strong not only to our divine master but in our association itself,,so brothers and sisters lets do our responsibilities in our association and lets continue to strenghten our faith in GOD...wish you all the best...GOD BLESS Quotes
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Quotes Thanks for taking the time discussing this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with extra information? It is extremely helpful for me. -Jose- Quotes
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