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The Unofficial Website of the Members
of the Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association, Inc.

Organizational Structure



Working Units

These are the backbones of the Organization:

1. Women's League - of and for the mothers and married members of the Organization.

2. NEWS Youth Organization (NYO) - primarily of and for but not limited to the youth and or single individual members of the Organization.

3. Master's Steward Division (MSD) - primarily caters the needs of the Supreme President and the First Family of the Association.

4. Ushers and Usherettes - the O&M (Operations and Maintenance) division of the Organization.

5. Master's General Services - provides security and implements ordinances on peace and order, security and safety matters within the Organization's jurisdictions.

6. Professionals' League - of the professional members in their respective field of expertise.

7. Sports League - manages the sports and recreational activities of the general members.

8. Four Groups - for the active missioners carrying their own respective missions.

     1) 777 Leader Missioners

     2) 1,000 Eagle Missioners

     3)  5,455 EDEN Missioners

     4) 1,444,444 Field Missioners 

 9. Ring Makers - the "black smith" division of the Organization.